Kenneth Paxton

Ken Paxton is expected to mete out justice in a state that takes justice very seriously . He’s a rare breed of Attorney General, because unlike most lawyers, Ken Paxton really understands criminals.

Why? Because for almost his whole term as Attorney General, Ken Paxton has been under criminal felony indictment.

In Legalese, there’s a lot of lawyer mumbo jumbo most people can’t wrap their heads around. Expressions like “simple theft,” “ securities fraud ,” and “acting as an investment adviser representative without being registered by the Texas Securities Board in violation of Texas Securities Act, 29(C)\ [1].”

Of course, Ken Paxton knows what all of these terms mean, probably because he’ll have read them on his criminal indictments, or at least his high priced defense lawyers will have read them to him.

Naturally, you may question why Ken Paxton would need specialist defense lawyers to head off charges he broke this securities law, since in 2003, as a member of the Texas State House of Representatives, he voted “yes” on that very law . Ken claims he just didn’t understand the law, but given what a great lawyer he is, that’s probably just him being modest.

When he approved that law, Ken Paxton wasn’t just doing the right thing, he was looking ahead to just a few months later, when he would, according to his several criminal felony indictments, break that very law over, and over, and over again, telling friends of his to let a company called MCM LLC handle their investments. Did he tell his friends that he was being paid to tell them this? Heck no! He’s not stupid! If he told them that, then they’d probably ask to see his license, and he didn’t have one of those! So what’s the big deal anyway? What are all these Chicken Littles stomping their feet around and screaming about?

If you want to give people investment advice here in Texas, you have to be registered so everybody knows you’ve been vetted, and aren’t some kind of crackpot who is going to make off with the life savings of someone’s sweet old grandma. To his credit, Ken Paxton voted to make that the law. And isn’t credit about making periodic withdrawals? Well, not everyone thinks so .

Some hall monitor narced on good old Ken, and now he has to mount a $500,000 legal defense.

Now you’re probably wondering, “How could a public servant afford $500,000 of legal defense?” Why, in part by using a $100,000 cash “donation” from Jim Webb, the head of Preferred Imaging, a shady corporation Ken’s office was in the midst of investigating for fraud, and who was ultimately made to pay several million dollars in fines for committing medicaid fraud. So when you think about it, there’s a beautiful symmetry about the whole thing, and who doesn’t like symmetry?

But you know what? Ken’s eagerness to moonlight in other professions without a license is just the tip of the iceberg. Ken is a light-fingered magician, who stole a $1,000 pen from another lawyer, which really just shows Ken knows how to pounce on an opportunity.

Ken used his job as an impartial advocate for the state to instead take political positions against schoolteachers and other regular Texans, and use his law enforcement powers to enforce these positions without laws or rulings to back them up.

So if you like your AG to be opportunistic , disingenuous, and capable of really “getting” what criminals are all about, Ken Paxton is your man. Ken Paxton: because the best criminal lawyer, is a criminal lawyer.